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nooniewaters 11-22-2009 05:58 PM

Debbie bliss pattern Help.
Hi, its me again. I'm still working on the Debbie bliss baby reefer jacket. I've picked up the stitches for the frontbands and collar and now I'm doing the button holes, as I was "YF/YO" I noticed some of the YF/YO were being placed on the collar band,why is this happening?

Buttonhole row: [ Work 2 tog,yf,rib 14]2 times,work 2tog,yf,rib to end

So basically here's what I did; I K2tog,YF/YO, Counted each stitch by one when ribbing until I've knitted 14 stitches even though its a K2 P2(did all this once then 2wice as stated in pattern), so that means that ll have 4 button holes and the forth is on the collar. I think that I should only have 3 since the jacket requires 6 buttons only. The pattern also says to repeat the button holes for the collar shaping, meaning ll have another 4 button hole. I need 6 not 8!!!:hair: :wall:

I found the picture online this is not my sweater. Its an example of what mine should look like.

suzeeq 11-22-2009 07:39 PM

If you don't need that 4th set of buttons, leave out the buttonholes. Sometimes you have to modify a pattern to get what you want. They could be in there to turn up the collar and button it up like a neckwarmer, but it doesn't appear to be absoutely necessary.

nooniewaters 11-22-2009 11:02 PM

You're the best Suzee.

suzeeq 11-23-2009 12:16 AM

I just like to encourage people to think outside the pattern.... That makes them more your own creations.

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