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Jennypenny 12-15-2009 04:55 PM

Knitting ends together
So I am currently working on my very first piece! I am making a neck scarf (which is just a scarf that is sewn together into a big "oval" type shape instead of having two "tails" ) I realized that I don't know how to knit the two ends together though!
Can anyone help w/ this?

Jan in CA 12-15-2009 05:11 PM


If it's knit flat in stockinette you'd use mattress stitch. There's a video in the advanced techniques section here in KH. More help at this link.

If you knit it in garter stitch (all knit on both sides) then there is help at the link above for that as well.

Mirl56 12-15-2009 05:11 PM

If you've got a cast on edge and a bound off edge, mattress stitch should work well - check the video page, there's a section for finishes and matress sttich is there.

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