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aqueous18 05-23-2010 11:30 PM

What Next?
So, I'm trying to figure out what to knit next. I'm still a beginner, so I want to make sure I don't get into something too difficult. I was following Debbie Stoller's Stitch n Bitch book. I started on a plain garter stitch scarf and moved up to a ribbed scarf. I then learned how to increase and decrease so I made a little kerchief thing. I then made a simple baby blanket for my nephew in garter stitch blocks. I just finished my first hat last night for my niece. I knitted it flat and sewed it up and put an i-cord on top!

Can anyone suggest what I should try next? I was thinking socks, but I'm not sure if I should jump into that yet or not. I've also never worked with more than one color except with the garter stitch scarf, but that was simple 3 color changes, no difficult Fair Isle stuff.

N0obKnitter 05-23-2010 11:32 PM

knit a shawl!


Jan in CA 05-24-2010 02:22 AM

If you know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease you can pretty much make anything you want. When I was a new knitter my goal was to "someday" make a sweater. After 3 mos knitting and still a newbie I made a simple raglan pullover. :thumbsup:

So what do YOU long for and want to make? Socks? A simple, basic pattern would be a good start. Some parts of them require concentration at first, but they aren't hard.

trvvn5 05-24-2010 07:24 AM

I kind of like the shawl idea. A lace shawl might be a good challenge at this point. You can increase and decrease, knit and purl. This would give you some really good practice with those things, and its a good exercise in following patterns.

It's also a good exercise in frustration as you invariably make mistakes.

I would totally agree with Jan here though too. What do you WANT to make? I mean, you've picked up the basics, you've got the tools you need. What is it that you would be excited to work on? Don't get too bogged down on thinking that a project might be out of your skill level. Its good to have a challenge in your knitting.

I've said this before here, I usually have 3 projects running at one time. I typically have a hard project that requires concentration, one that teaches me something I've never done before, and one that is totally mindless that I can do when I want to knit but don't want to put too much effort into it.

cftwo 05-24-2010 08:43 AM

I think I'd try a simple sweater. They are great for moving from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional projects. My recommendation for beginner sweater patterns for women is Paton's Next Steps series - books 2 and 3 are both sweaters (pullovers and cardigans) and you have lots of options in each book. Plus, the books are about $5 each. Alternately, a child's sweater is often quicker to knit up. :)

hookedonknitting 05-24-2010 11:44 AM

Well, try something that challenges you and excites you! It true what they say about having all the skills to do something harder, besides if you do need help this is the place for it! I think my next big idea project would be a aran sweater, or a wrap sweater.... Kinda get in all the things I have yet to do..oh wait I still have to do a lace shawl and socks....LOL! Just try whatever you want, if it is too much just put it down and try another :)

vaknitter 05-24-2010 02:59 PM

Everyone has made great suggestions. I did a pair of boot socks as my 2nd project so if you are determined and have a LYS to help you then I say Go for socks - but be careful as they are very very addictive.

My suggestion was going to be that you try something in the round on DPN's. You could do a hat in the round or a purse that you could later felt. The booga bag is a quick and simple knit.

If you are not ready to venture into the world of DPN's what about learning to make cables ? They are really easy and yet they look really difficult ! The irish hiking scarf is my favorite and I am currently working on a cable baby blanket for my soon to be born son.

luvmykid28 05-24-2010 10:53 PM

This is a great next project. I just finished mine and will be making it again. Everyone needs a shrug. It looks small, but it really does fit.

aqueous18 05-25-2010 01:02 AM

Thank you everyone for your replies! I'm not even really sure what I want to knit. My grandmother used to make us socks all the time, so it makes me think of her. Now I kind of wish I still lived in Upstate NY where a lot of warm things are needed! I bought size 5 DPNs to make an I-cord for the hat, so maybe I'll just start simple on those.

I'm intimidated by sweaters, I think I'll make my Yorkie one first. He'll appreciate it :D

Jan in CA 05-25-2010 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by aqueous18 (Post 1289709)
Now I kind of wish I still lived in Upstate NY where a lot of warm things are needed!

True, we don't need them as much, but it can still get cold here at night and in the winter. We had a few nights that got down in the mid 30's I think and many others in the upper thirties and low 40's. Maybe not parka weather, but plenty cold enough for a warm sweater. :thumbsup:

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