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A pattern for knitting the PIDGE on 2 needles?

there are several (i don't know the quality, but some of the 'copies' i have seen posted about have subbed 'seed stitch' (to make it reversible) or other stitches.

on a loom?
its chunky yarn (the original was made with a chunky Karabella Cashmere, (at $50 a ball, and you needed 2!)

the stitch, was basic loom knitting (no changes) the only 'detail' was placing 2 buttonholes at one end.

the best on needle copy would be:
Work ALL stitches THOUGH BACK LOOP (twisted stitches)
USE 2 BALLS OF YARN> (A and B-indentical, but ...)

cast on (i would guess between 30 to 40 with a chunky yarn (on a size 10? 10.5? needle
USE BOTH STRANDS TO CAST ON.. One strand as thumb yarn, one strand as index finger yarn

R1: K1, with A, *Bring both yarns forwards, as if to purl, USING ONLY B, P1, Bring both yarns back (to knit position, and knit 1 (2 stitches work with yarn B) then bring both yarns forward,as if to purl, and USING ONLY YARN A, P1, bring both back as if to knit, and Using only yarn A, K1.
repeat from * across row. Last stitch, (a Purl) is worked with alternate yarn (If the 2 before were worked with A, end with B, if the 2 before were worked with B, end with A

R2: follow directions for R1--but be sure to work all stitches that in previous row were worked with B with alternate (A) yarn, and visa versa (A stitches get worked with B yarn)

MAKE VERTICAL BUTTON HOLES--* this will require working several rows of the first 4 stitches, breaking yarn, then working several rows of the middle stitches, breaking yarn and finally working several rows of the last stitches. (after buttonholes work several row of double knitting (about 4. bind off using both yarn, in a stand bind off style.

this will created a double, interlocking fabric, with every stitch twisted..

see a sample swatch here:

see both sides the same here:
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