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Red Bluff is about 2 hours north of Sacramento on I-5. We are in the middle of the Sacramento Valley between two mountain ranges. So it is moderate to cold in the winter and VERY HOT (100-118) in the summer. It got it's name from the red dirt here. In the late 1800's and early 1900's the steamship lines came as far north as Red Bluff but could go no further on the Sacramento River because of the dangerous currents. There were high bluffs here above the river and were of course, red. Most people who were traveling north would stop here, buy horses, wagons, and goods and travel on to their destinations. Later, when dams, etc were put in the ships could no longer reach this spot on the river.
We used to have a wonderful LYS here but not any more. We have to travel to either Chico or Redding, both between 30 min and 1 hour away. We have WalMart, but what good is Wallyworld when you want nice yarn for something special?!
Where is Petaluma exactly? I have heard of it but never been there. An ex had and Aunt & Uncle who lived there about 30 years ago. Thats all I know...not much!
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