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Spinning Sock Yarn
Hi everyone! I just got my my Ashford Traditional last week, and I've been spinning for the first time for a week. I've gotten my self down to a pretty consistent sport weight yarn, but I really want to spin sock yarn. Every time I try to thin my yarn down, I get too thin and it breaks. Then when I try to pull out some to rejoin it pulls apart. I spent 10 minutes this afternoon just trying to rejoin.

Does anybody have any good hints? I tried another batch and tried to put more twist in my plying, but I think it just ended up being overplied.

Also when you are spinning away, especially on a thinner single, and you need to stop because the phone rings, your kids are fighting, or your newly potty-trained 3 year old need to go NOW what do you do with your end so you don't lose your twist?

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