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All good advice, thanks! It's nice to have a range measured in inches, cuz I know I like my socks short. But other than that my spatial reasoning is always off...
Longer socks for Nana is definitely better, but Nana is a wee short little lass with teensy feet and short legs. So this way I'll be able to hit something reasonable in the middle of the range! (I've got uneven balls of yarn so I can't just go til I run out--oh yeah, I'm doing them 2 at a time).
The yarn is not my favorite, colorwise or to work with...but it's yarn she actually bought and started to make socks for herself with it. Unfortunately she had trouble with the socks and has since realized that her arthritis prevents her from knitting these days (especially since she saves her fingers for quilting). So she gave me all her knitting supplies.
I found a half knit sweater and one partial sock cuff in the bag. I frogged both and am reworking the pieces to give her as presents. Th socks for her bday this weekend, and the sweater probably for Mother's Day...or just whenever it gets finished.

My Nana's the bomb!

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