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So what you're doing is shaping one side of the ... shoulder thingie, and then doing the neck, and then the other shoulder thingie.

What you have in terms of stitch counts, it looks like, is this:

[14] [18] [34] [18] [14]

You start by binding off the first 14 stitches, and then knit 18. (Well, really, the first of the 18 stitches is formed from the last bit of bind-off.) You put the remaining 34+18+14 stitches on a holder (or keep them on the needles but don't knit them), and instead turn; bind off 3, and knit to end (which is 15 stitches); and then bind off those 15. You then take the 34+18+14 stitches back onto the needle and start where you left off, binding off the 34 and knitting to the end, and then you bind off 14 and knit to end, bind off 3 and knit to end, and bind off the last 15. So the approximate shape will be something like this:


...which is totally not to scale, and also only shows two rows. But you're basically going to be ending up with one row that has bind-off at the center (for the neck) and at the edges, and then two sides, each of which slopes a bit more at the shoulder than at the neckline.
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