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I was gifted an Options and I do it so very much!

But otherwise, I have whippy plasticy ones from my Grandma... not my favourite as they drag a lot.

I have some metal ones I love (with really pointy tips).

But occassionally, when I am really stressed... I find I'm squishing my needles so hard that I get sore hands.

And I have some cheap Bamboos I love. I have 2 pairs of Clover Bamboo needles and I don't like them (they are circular). I find the join is really... sticky? on them. I don't like them but I needed them and they were all I could find in that size and with the time I had.

The features I like (for the most part):

-longer straight needles (but I think more Options will change that opinion)
-sharp points
-some flex in the straights

And... for Bamboo over Normal Metal. I find the metal stay cold and I feel it in my wrists.
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