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Easy Shrug?
I want try making my first garment, I think. I'm not ready for socks, or a full on sweater...But I am SOOOOO tired of scarves already. I've only done three (two I'm still in the process of finishing). I want to make a simple dressy, short sleeved shrug. I know it will be a tough thing to make, but I actually have plenty of help should I stumble through it (yay for many knitting mentors -- a local knitting store always has TONS of women there sitting on the couches, helping people out, it's so cute. . .).

What do you think?? Does anyone know of an easy, starter pattern?

Am I crazy? Lol. . .

PS: I don't want anything that buttons in front. Just something that wraps around my shoulders, if that makes sense. If not, I have plenty of pictures of things that are giving me inspiration.

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