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Okay, after reading both posts, I must say, I'm a little . I haven't been knitting/going to class as often as I should, as I've been helping a friend move, and now it's my turn to move. So, time has been limited. I thought though with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching, that I'd have time to start this.

My brother wants a wide scarf. His current scarves, from the pictures he's sent me, have at least 20+ stitches cast on, so I think that the 32 would be good for him. He's constantly telling me he wants it long and wide.

If I were to follow her instructions, and do the 32, would I continue with the size 10/10.5 needles?

And if after casting on the 32 and I think it's too wide, if I decrease by 6, should I use the 8 needles? Is that how I'm reading this?

Thanks so much!

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