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2008 Year of the Stash! Retiring on Dec 31!
Hi y'all!

The New Year is fast approaching! Are you ready?

Our 2007 Year of the Stash thread was very well received! The support helped many of us decrease the size of our Yarn Stash! It kept us "stash-minded", didn't it?!

I did good at reducing the amount of beautiful yarn languishing in my YARN JAIL this past year! For those of you who might be wondering, "Huh? What is yarn jail???"

Yarn Jail looks different in every knitter's home. In mine, yarn jail is bags, baskets, bins, trunks and closets! Regardless of what the jail cells look like, the outcome is the same: the yarn is not being used, it is locked up in the dark...and doesn't think it has any hope of getting out any time soon! Parole denied!

Does anyone want to join me in 2008 for another auspicious Year of the Stash?
If so, join me on the Stash Train! Post a reply here, and if you want to, post Your Goal! We are in this together! There are no rules. Just try to use your Stash as best as you can! Haul it out, organize it, add up your yardage, feel it, think about it, and get excited about it again! It doesn't matter if your Stash is small or great. If you want to do something about it, you are in the right place at the right time! ( If you are reading this and it is already June, don't worry...the Stash Train makes regular stops for New Stashies! Hop aboard!)

This is my personal GOAL (I think it is realistic for me):
For every Stash Yarn project that I complete...I can buy new yarn for a Reward Project. But, I promise to use the New Yarn Reward within 30 days. I will not "stash" the New Yarn! Otherwise, it amounts to one step forward, one step backwards. My Stash Yarn Totals won't diminish! I want to DECREASE the size of my Stash during 2008! So, I won't stash new yarn purchases. If I buys it, I knits it!

Then I move on to another Stash Project. The skein/hank totals don't matter to me. If a Stash Yarn project uses up just 3 skeins, my New Yarn Reward could be for a sweater that requires 15 skeins! I won't think in terms of skein for skein, hank for hank. I will concentrate on "batches" of yarn that I purchased for some reason or another long ago!

At this point in time, my stash could be described as S.A.B.L.E.
(Stash Acquistion Beyond Life Expectancy) That is not a brag...that is a true confession from a serial yarnaholic.
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