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Hi Ang, Tropicallie, Robynbird, and Jeanius!

Welcome aboard the Stash Train!

Thanks for sharing your Year of the Stash goals with us! I think your goal is very reasonable, Tropicallie! The 50 skein maximum is a good goal!

Jeanius, that is also a good goal you use up more than you buy up! I do the same thing you do: my mind is racing all over the place, thinking about new yarn and this and that while I am in the midst of knitting something else! Sigh. Like tonight, I could hardly wait to get my 3rd bed jacket (pink) onto the blocking board cuz I am itchin' to cast on for my daughter's Central Park Hoodie! I swatched for it today, and then washed and rinsed it and blocked it. Then I had to force myself to go in and finish the dern bed jacket!

Robynbird, I think your goal is very do-able. Just finish up some projects and get some drawers emptied! I know you can do it, too! You will feel so good about movin' that yarn onto better things!

Well, I am off to cast on for my daughter's CPH! YEAH! It is a real easy knit, but aren't some of the simplest patterns just the cutest ones!?? My daughter loves the model sweater. I bought her the same yarn, too...that leafy green Tahki Donegal Tweed. It is hard to find green tweeds. The Tahki Donegal Tweed is real scratchy (ack) and chemically smelling...but the wash/rinse/and final rinse with hair conditioner added to the water really softened up the swatch and removed all hint of the dye smell.

Well, I am waaay off topic! My bad! Sorry. Don't mean to hijack my own thread!

Knit on, good women!! Knit on, good men!!
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