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I'm in! I have stuff in my stash that I bought "just because" so part of my goal will be to find projects for all those unintended yarns! I also have a ton of patterns I'd like to try, so another part of my goal will be to try to use what I already have for things I want to knit. Only if I don't have anything appropriate, will I use my Reward yarn purchases to buy the yarn for those projects.
And the last part of my goal is to stop worrying about knitting for everyone else and for gosh sakes, making something for ME for a change!
Becky, I'm hoping to have some time over Christmas holiday break to add pics of all my stash to Ravelry....right now I just have the list but I agree, I think having the pics right at your fingertips helps you manage it better and assign the appropriate yarn to appropriate projects.

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