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Originally Posted by bunnyslippers View Post
My brother has invited his new girlfriend and her family to Christmas. She just moved to North America from Japan. I would love to knit her something as a welcome, but I am drawing a blank. She is very elegant and stylish and seems very sweet. I am less-than-elegant and not-at-all-stylish and would appreciate any suggestions you can give.
I would like something fairly simple as I don't have a lot of time (the big jolly deadline is looming). Something functional would also be nice--I don't think that they have very much. My skill level is about intermediate--I can't make pretty seams, but I can follow a lacey pattern.
(My back-up plan is knitty's nagano cherryblossom strand, but it isn't that functional.)
Thank-you in advance for any suggestions--my brain has been thorougly wracked.
Truthfully I think the knitty nagano cherry blossom would be a wonderful gift for your brothers girlfriend! I mean it relates to something that may be a reminder to her of home ( at a time where she may be homesick, or feel a little strange) and would probably be quite a meaningful present that not only brings comfort but was well thought out and made with lots of love just for her I say stick with it its very stylish and a great idea
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