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Originally Posted by msmelody View Post
I am in. I have yarn on the way, and need to buy yarn for my DH's scarf and then I need to get rid of most of my stash. All of my yarn have projects in mind, but just need the energy to get them done.
Hi'ya msmelody!

I know what you mean by 'energy'. Sometimes that just means 'motivation'. Here is what I did last year, to help me focus on my 'list' of projects.

1) write up a batch of yarn on a 3x5 card, let's say PINK card
2) write up an appropriate pattern for it on another 3x5 card, let's say a BLUE card
3) paperclip them together
4) put them in a recipe file box under the month that you think you want to knit the project

The reason the pattern and the yarn are on separate cards is this: They are only "engaged to be married". By being on separate cards, you can separate them and re-match them with someone else if you change your mind about the match.

I actually made up about a dozen pattern cards, and a couple dozen stash yarn cards...and then "engaged" them once I could see who was available, and who seemed to be a good match!

I still use this system. I just file them in order of importance to me. Like, what I feel like doing the most if first in line.

NOTE: the yarn cards give all the pertinent info about the yarn...color, fiber, gauge etc. The pattern cards say what book and page; the gauge needed, the yardage needed, the recommended yarn type, etc.

I have lots of un-engaged yarn cards and pattern cards...but I am always on the lookout for a match for them!

This system helped me get excited about knitting from stash!
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