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Hi y'all!

Oh my oh my! As I count it up...we have ab out 15 Stashies on board! Welcome to all! Happiness loves company, right?

Beckyrae! I know what you mean about the Ravelry Stash folder! It is a great tool, isn't it? Also kind of an embarrassing EXPOSE about my yarnoholic tendencies! Oh well, I figure other knitters couldn't care less! We all have our own yarn-in-the-closet-secrets!

JamoKnit! Yeah, that is my goal, too: adding photos of all my Stash Yarns to my Ravelry Stash file. I also like the Queue thing, too, don't you?

Hi Lee (lelvsdgs)! I added you to MY FRIENDS over at the Ravelry Ranch! Welcome to the Stash Train! Hugs!

Hi Michelle (KnitnCook)! I added you to MY FRIENDS over at Ravelry, too! I know how you feel about the one skein wonders. They don't usually speak to me either. For you, it must be particularly frustrating because these inherited yarns are expensive yarns...just not enough! How about this: start a log cabin afghan!
It is just the right concept! This log cabin idea is featured in the Mason-Dixon book! It is on sale at Amazon. Wonderful book. Worth every penny. click here
Here is a photo of it:

Hi alleusion! Baking a baby, eh!!? Congrats! And welcome to the Stash Train! There are so many quick cute baby items in the Mason Dixon book. Things that take very little yarn. Visit the Amazon link. A lot of customers posted their knitted items from the Mason Dixon patterns! I love the bibs! Ya can't have enough bibs for teething time. (droooolin' bibs!)

Hi Samantha (SamSam)! I added you to MY FRIENDS over at Ravelry! I want to come visit you in LaLaland someday! Sounds like fun! And lots of knitters to keep us company! Tee Hee!

Hi GinnyG! Yeah, I heard that rumor, too! We s'pose to knit the yarn! Welcome! Sounds like you're on board!
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