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Originally Posted by Firey Vixxen View Post
Hey all,
I think I might join this one (I found KH in Oct, so I missed the first round). My mom thinks my stash is too big (Her actual words were "How much more of this knitting carp do you have?") please, I have two 50L boxes and a couple of bags (some of which have gone walkabout. here knitting, knitting, knitting *whistles*) Anyway, to make her happy I'm going to destash. and to start off I'm going to kill some spaceships. boom!
one question. If you have some yarn for a project, but need a contrast colour to compleat the project, does it count as destashing or restashing?
Hello little Vixxen! Glad to have you with us!!!
As to your question about the contrasting yarn needed to complete a stash project: It counts as destashing, or restashing, based on what you decide! I think it is GREAT when anyone uses up some stash! If you need contrasting yarn to finish the project properly, I think you should certainly do it, and pat yourself on the back!

Hugs from us all!
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