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shaping shoulders and neck
I am doing the "zip up pullover" by suss cousins and so far so good. for a new knitter.

This is what I don't understand:

"At neck edge, bind off 10 stitches once, 5 stitches once, while at the same time, at armhole edge, bind off 2 stitches twice, bind off remaining stitches"

1. Why bind off 10 then 5 - why not just bind off 15 stitches?
2. "while at the same time" - I have no idea how to knit in two places at once. Clearly I missed this class, anywhere to read or see a video about it?
3. Why would I bind off 2 stitches twice and then bind off remaining. Why would I knot just bind off two stitches at once to the end. And why only twice?

Yes, I am trying to teach myself the "gentle" art of knitting so any guidance would be deeply, very deeply appreciated.

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