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Originally Posted by jeanius80 View Post
hmm. i think this is a great way for everyone to be able to give a special 'thanks' to a few peoplwe who have directly made them feel thankful.

I don't think limey meant to single out or ignore others.

I'd like to thank Shandeh for her efforts in charity work and 'enabling' others to be more involved charity-wise. I know i wouldn't have done any charity work this year if i hadn't helped on the oddball blankets and shawls Thanks for being so generous all around!

I'd also like to thank the any socks KAL group as a whole for being so supportive and helpful for each other and sharing advice, links, patterns, yarn, and holding hands when someone is learning a new technique, a shoulder to lean on when anything goes wrong (sock knitting or just life in general), and cheering each other on when we get it right!
Thanks alot Jeanius for clarifying things.

BY nominating two of my own special KH-ers doesn't mean that I think any less of everyone else or detract from all the effort that other people put into the site and I certainly didn't mean to ignore anyone.

All the Best

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