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A gentle reminder
I have noticed a couple of things which I think we all need to remember. The first is that if someone takes the time to find a pattern or searches for information for you, it really does mean a lot to let them know you appreciate it. Just a quick hit on that ďthank youĒ button is all it takes. I know sometimes we forget about threads weíve started, but Iíve seen some replies to pattern or help questions which obviously took a fair amount of effort, and then no response from the original poster. This isnít a panel of paid experts; the people responding to questions are you and me, walking over to our bookshelf and finding out that pattern youíre stumped over in our copy of that book and reading through and figuring it out and then typing it in, or searching on the Internet and copying and pasting from several sites.
Also-- if someone posts some information, Iíve seen some rather blunt dismissals, or almost confrontive reactions. I'm sure itís just that email issue, that is, things come out differently from when we speak or write them in any other context. But behind every post is a human being, one who may have just been yelled at by their boss or gotten some bad news or just had a rotten fight with their partner or just has a really bad headache. This is such a great site, with so much generosity from Amy and Sheldon and every single person who answers the tiniest question, that I hope we can all keep the positive feeling and good will going and going and going!
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