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Originally Posted by KnittingNat View Post
You won't believe it, but i haven't even signed to join, i still kinda doubt if i'll use it a lot. You think it's worth it?
Go ahead and get yourself on the waiting list! YES it is worth it!
I have a thread somewhere here on KH called: Reluctant Ravelers, Join Me! It is directed towards Ravelers who have been accepted, but have done nothing with the toybox! It seems daunting!

I was a Reluctant Raveler myself! WAS.

Ravelry is a nice way to showcase ALL of your knitting in one place: YOUR NOTEBOOK. It is nice to view ALL of someone else's knitting in one place: HER NOTEBOOK.

But besides that, there are other features that are useful, and helpful.

For example, here is one:
I entered a project that used Malabrigo yarn.
On the side of the project page, there were two links automatically displayed:

1) Other knitters who have done this pattern.The link displays all the ways other knitters have done this pattern. Most use different yarns than me. Some knitters make adustments to the pattern!

2) Other knitters who have used this yarn. This link shows all the ways Malabrigo have been used by other knitters. That in itself is a great inspiration. It is wonderful to see how the different shades of Malabrigo knit up!

Go ahead, sign up...and wait for your invitation. BTW, in the meantime...if you have not downloaded the free Mozilla FIREFOX internet browser, DO SO. It is a much safer way to browse the web...and it works much better with Ravelry and KH, too.

If you do not have a Yahoo account, get signed up for that, too.
You will need a user name and password.

If you do not have a FLICKR photo account, go ahead and get signed up for their free version. You will need it to effectively add photos of your projects and yarns.

In the meantime, knit on good woman!
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