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I bought a set of bamboo knitting needles from China off ebay for $20 including shipping. The set has 36 circular needles in many sizes. There were 6 that were unusable, most in the tiny needle sizes. They are just made with surgical tubing glued to the bamboo, but I made an Aran sweater on one and although the tubing is extremely flexible, they worked fine. I was also able to modify one to make an 11 inch circular I wanted. I think it is a very good buy even though you get some bad ones because they still come to less than $1 each for the good ones. This is a good set for someone who is starting out or who wants to round out their collection of circular needles. I did have to wait about 3 weeks for them to arrive.

I like Knit Picks for yarn. Their prices are very reasonable.

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