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"Don't purl between 2 needles" when knitting on dpns...why not?
I'm making my first sock (woohoo!) the pattern is Freya and I'm also following Silvers tut. The pattern itself only talks about 2 needles, maybe it was written for circs? In any case, I'm currently using 5 dpns (actually, I'm also using the 6th one instead of a cable needle, but anyway) so I have 60 stitches divided evenly between 4 needles, 15 sts on each needle. The pattern starts with a purl, so in 2 different joins, I'm purling at the end, and the beginning of the join. However nowhere am I doing a knit and a purl across the join. So, am I going to end up with ladders later, even if I don't see them now? What exactly about purling across a join can go wrong? I'm almost done with the leg ( ) but of course I only think of asking this now.

Here is a pic, with my hand inside stretching it quite a bit. Without knowing, can you tell which purls were at the join, and which were not? Is there something I need to know? TIA!

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