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Drop spindle versus spinning wheel?
Dear Friends,

I am a passionate knitter. As many of you (I think) I realized that I am not satisfied with the yarn I could buy (especially in such a small market like Lithuania). I buy only natural fibers and prefer luxurious blends from soft wool, cashmere, alpaca, angora, silk etc. So I ended up with few drop spindles and tops of different fibers. I planned to buy a spinning wheel and though that with a spinning wheel I can produce more even and beautiful yarn and of course more quickly. I was extremely surprised than in the Priscillaís A.Gibson-Roberts book I found the assumption that with a spinning wheel you canít produce such even yarn as with a drop spindle, because you can better control the flow, drafting and twist. I found the book Spinning in the Old Way amazing and I think she (Priscilla) is a real expert. Does it make than the sense to buy a spinning wheel? I canít try any spinning wheel because I donít know anybody who spins (in our country it is not popular at all). Please help me to make a decision. Any opinion is welcome.

Thank You in advance,
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