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Best yarn for chemo hat?
We just found out that my dh's mother has cancer and her only glimmer of hope is chemotherapy. Because of health issues she is not a candidate for radiation and this sort of cancer is inoperable (liver cancer of some sort, I can't remember the name). Anyway, I thought I would make her up a really nice scrumptuous cap to wear. I was thinking MMMmmm since it is so soft, but wondered whether it would be a good yarn. I wondered about such things as washability. Is that an issue with chemo? I mean if it just sits on her bald head in a care facility (she is in a resident facility due to her poor overall health) is she going to have to worry about washing it? She's in Oregon and she gets cold easily. Thoughts? Should I just go get the MMMMmm and make it for her? Any other or better yarns you could suggest? I thought I might make her up a couple.
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