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Originally Posted by The.Knitter View Post
When I was organizing my stash last week to add it into Ravelry I found a ball of old scratchy grey yarn. I told my DH to toss it into the garbage as it is seriously crappy yarn. He looked at me in amazement and to my surprise he said "don't throw it out, you can use it to teach me how to knit." So, next weekend he is going to get his first lesson in knitting. I showed him Mason's picture and said "if this big burly truck driver can do it Hon, so you can!" (thanks Mason)...
saw my friend at my mothers Concert tonight, she introduced me to her friend (gentleman friend, or co-worker, I have no idea?) and when I brought out my knitting, he told me he was learning to knit thelp his hands and wrists (he is a massage therapist) and I IMMEDIATLY offered to E-mail him some simple patterns (including the Odessa hat I M doing all the time now) he told me he was NO WHERE near ready to do that, as hewas only on his second lesson, and doing Dishcloths. by intermission, I told him I would help support his knitting, but I would try not to overwhelm him with my 'help'
I did not even push for his e-mail or number
I was very surprized by my friends lack of support to his being a knitter, I will have to speak to her about that. She started knitting for the same reason he did. Tsk Tsk tsk

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