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Thank you all so much for your suggestions! My MIL do not get along AT ALL. We haven't spoken in five years. Despite that she is the mother of the most kind and gracious man I've ever met, so I do care about her well-being. Unfortunately, she probably won't survive this. She is in very poor health due to history of post-polio and other health issues related to that. It is hard for Dan being so far away. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your suggestions. Last night it dawned on me that bamboo might be truly the scrumptuous yarn I'm looking for. I have a bunch of CSS from other projects and might whip up several different fun hats. She does have a dramatic flair and would probably enjoy having a variety of fashion to wear. I'm heading to JoAnn as soon as I get off work (less than 2 hours) and will pick up some yummy bamboo.
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