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FO: my first hat!
I'd like to thank all you kind-hearted KHers for helping me get through the challenge of knitting my first hat. Remember, I just started knitting less than 3 weeks ago, so yes, a hat was a huge challenge for me.

I'm not sure if it's going to fit my husband - depends on how much it's willing to stretch. I am a really tight knitter, so my gauge was all off. If anything, this has taught me the importance of gauge! If it doesn't fit my husband (who has a very large head, but no hair), I'll be doing a lottery for my family members. I really want to keep it in the family so I can see it again.

This is the pattern I used: the marsan watchcap!

It fits! Sort of. It's a little small, but it will work. (Isn't he cute?)

Again, many thanks for all the help!
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shawl for me!

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