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Originally Posted by BlueEyezz View Post
...but seriously -- if anyone, even ONE person has a complaint, I'll feel a lot better. Lol. . .

OK, here's your "one person". Yep, you're splits like crazy on me too. And it frequently causes me to slow down my knitting to try and prevent the splitting. As a matter of fact, I'm making a cap for my brother with it right now (just put it down to make this post) and I feel like it has taken me FOREVER just to finish the ribbing because I keep having to tink at least 10 stitches every row due to splitting when I go too fast.

Now, having said that, I still really like it! It 1) is sooooo soft, 2) as Mason said, is "less expensive", 3) has a pretty good color selection and 4) can be purchased conveniently at the big box stores and online.

So, just , , and keep trying. I've made some beautiful scarves and baby blankets with this stuff. It really is worth it!
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