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FO: My stash yarn "Branching Out" scarf!

I am very pleased with this scarf for more than one reason!

1) it is my first more complicated lacy scarf
2) it was made with STASH YARN!

3) it taught me the value of LIFELINES!

4) it was made to go with my OPAL cardigan!

Anyway, it took me eons to finish because I took too many "knitting sidetrips" along the way! But, it is finally DONE!
It is not as delicate looking as some Branching Out scarves I've seen...but, I still like it!


Scarf was made to "go with" this OPAL cardigan.

The lowcut neckline is chilly. I wear it with a camisole top, so my neck feels cool inside air-conditioned buildings. I am going to make a camisole top for OPAL later on. Will have to buy additional yarn.
The scarf will feel good around the neckline.
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