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Please...pray for the babies. UPDATE - Page 2
I hope this isn't inappropriate to ask...but my heart is heavy with fear and sadness and everyone here seems so caring. My family is going through a very rough time right now and two beautiful, precious little girls are at risk.

I won't go into the details other than to say that it involves a young (still teenage) mother who is immature and irresponsible even for her age and whose life choices and decisions put these children at great risk (involving a man who has been "inappropriate" with at least one of the little girls (i.e., pedophile)). Now the authorities are involved but they know only what they are told and they just seem so...burned out.

I've cried and prayed until I just can't anymore; I'm sick with fear and grief. I've prayed for protection for the babies, for wisdom for the mother (to see how her decisions are putting her children at risk) and for the authorities (to make the right decision), as well as for justice on the man but I'm losing hope. Why does it seem so hard to keep our babies safe these days???!!!

Please, please pray to keep these babies safe and away from danger. They need your prayers. Thanks!
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