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Trying to fix things and making it worse **photo added**
So I posted last night about a couple mistakes I found in the shawl I'm making. I decided to go ahead and try to fix them. So I ran a ladder down to one and it was some weird twisted stitch that fixed just fine. But the second one seems to have been that I picked up an extra stitch. So in trying to fix the problem, now I have a single stitch in the pattern where 2 obviously were before, with lots of space on either side.

So the question is, since this is an open worked shawl (lace weight on size 11s, garter stitch), will this mistake (and the extra yarn) "disappear" into the surrounding stitches when I block it, or do I need to run that ladder back down and somehow pick up a second stitch (more neatly this time)?

I've put the project aside for the moment, since I need an answer before I knit any more rows.

Thank you for any thoughts on the matter.

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