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If you're a continental knitter, hold the working yarn the exact same way when you're crocheting. The working yarn should be held tightly against the hook, and if your stitches are tight, rotate the hook so it's facing the bottom of the stitch you're working in, being sure it's caught the working yarn. That gives you more room to fit the hook through the previous stitch.

Not sure if that was very clear... so insert your hook into the stitch, YO, rotate the hook, having caught the yarn, so the hook portion faces the finished work, then pull through. That A- holds the working yarn in place and B-prevents the hook getting caught on the stitch.

Only practice will get you comfortable, and the right tension, just like in knitting.

Don't feel badly though, I've been crocheting for 20 years and with the piece I'm working on now I'm having to count stitches on every row because I keep skipping (Lion Homespun is a pain for seeing stitch definition).
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