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Wow, I remember penpals. I used to have several pen pals all through junior and senior high school. My BF from high school used to write me all the time when I was in college, but after she got married she quit. Then came the internet and I miss "real" mail. I'm not even sure if I could write a "real" letter anymore. We've become a society that writes in bits and snatches. We write about what happened today not what happened this week. We use acronyms totally unknown to us 20 years ago! (LOL, BTW, OMG, SEX (that's Stash Enhancement eXpodition)) And it would require stamps. I only use 1 stamp a month and that is to pay my water bill (still antiquaited system!) I'd have to go to the post office for more than mailing packages! What a novel idea!
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