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Knitting Pen Pals
OK, seems as though there is some interest in this. So I'm starting it. Here are "da rules":

1. Fill out the form below or respond by PM to a form you see that interests you. Do not put any personal information such as your e-mail addy or address in the form! This is an open forum. If you are unsure of someone who responds to you, check their longevity here and post count, search their names and see if you can find out something about them. You may want to PM them for a while if you are unsure. The allergy concern is for people who have severe allergies who might be effected by smoke or animal dander.

2. Agree to send at least one letter by regular postal mail once a month.

3. Do not sell your penpal anything. Don't offer them a part of your business. Do not put them in a chain letter. Do not offer to make parts of their bodies enhanced. Don't send marriage proposals (well at least initially ) IOW no spam or junk mail. This is to make friends, not gain customers or love interests.

4. If you no longer want a pen pal (or have enough pen pals) edit your message here or put up a notice that says, "No More Pen Pals" or something to that effect at the TOP of your message.

5. Be nice. Don't expect the world. And remember how to buy stamps (they are 41 now domestic US letters - just in case you haven't mailed a letter recently!)

6. Don't feel offended if someone turns you down. They may have more on their plate or have enough pen pals.

That's it. Here's the form:

KH Name:
Are you willing to send internationally?:
Your age range: (such as: 20's, 30's, 90's):
Do you care what age range your pen pal is?
Years knitting:
Do you care what gender your pen pal is?
Allergy concerns:
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