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Originally Posted by PeattieWa View Post
Here's an easy pattern for a rolled brim hat that I use all the time.
Use a multiple of 9 stitches on #8 circular needles. 54 for a childs hat and 63/72 for an adults. It is straight knit until you reach 6-7 inches and then you start to decrease. Knit 7 and then 2 together. knit the next row. Continue decreasing with one less stitch between until you have only 8-10 stitches on the needles. draw the yarn through and secure. This enables you to have a nice hat with no seam to sew. I've made lot's of these in a variety of sizes. If you want the hat to be longer just knit to 8or 9 inches before starting the decrease. Happy knitting! Becky
That's similar to what I use, except I use a multiple of 10. I usually co 100 st for an adult hat (I think I knit about 19 st/4 "). I also do the decrease in the same way.

I find if you knit longer before the decrease, you get a better looking hat. For an adult hat, I usually knit about 9" before the decrease.

I personally wouldn't use fun fur; I hate the stuff. Keep in mind if you strand it with your other yarn for the brim, you will be altering your gauge, and fun fur by itself won't hold the roll.

I never use circulars for hats, I find that they feel toooooooo short; I do however use dpn because seams on hats look bad, and on a rolled brim, especially bad.
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