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Hello fellow knitters. I received a message from doodknitwit this morning and realized I never updated anyone here.

I missed our Dec. 1 gathering due to needing to fly to Florida to be with my Dad. I arrived at his home at 12:45 pm, and he passed away at 5 pm. I was the first of his children to arrive, and it seems he waited for one of us. I told him he didn't need to wait for the others, they all understood.

I then wound up driving to Austin TX with my brother on Thursday and Friday, and finally flew home from there this past Sunday.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions lately, and I am grateful for the knitting and holiday things that need to be done, just to try to keep my mind off of things. I cry a lot now as a hobby, (haha) so I keep some wine handy to make a little party out of it. LOL!!!

Looking forward to the next gathering. God willing, I'll make it this time!
Brenda in NC

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