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How to switch colors in a simple, multi-colored striped scarf.
I've started knitting my first bi-color scarf as a practice, and I've noticed that every time I switch colors, there is a row on the backside of the scarf that has the new color woven under it--visible. I do not know the proper name of this, but I am sure it is well-known. I've looked around the internet for advice on switching colors seamlessly, but I haven't found an answer that seems to specifically answer my question, being can I make a scarf where both sides look like the "front" side (the color blocks are seamless).

It seems as though the only way to do this is to knit a scarf that is twice the desired width, and then fold it over to hide the 'underside' and sew it together. Is this true?

Thank you for your time.
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