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I totally agree with all the notes to people who complain about pets. I don't even have any furries yet!
1) I love cats even though I'm allergic. People freak out when they learn this and their cats are around. I'm a big girl. If your cat is bothering me, I can shoo him away or ask you to keep him in another room while I am there. I am not playing with him simply because I don't know better, or don't have the will power to get rid of him.
2) If my mom EVER comes over to my (future) home and complains about anything in relation to my animals, she will not be invited back. I love her, but we have very different lifestyles. I've lived her way for 20 years. If she can't live mine for 20 minutes, I'll come visit her.
3) People ask why I want pets and not kids. Next time, I'm sending them list #3!
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