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White Chicken Chili (won a first prize in a chili cookoff! Easy and yummy)

1 pound boneless chicken breasts, cubed into bite size
2 Tbls cumin
16 oz jar salsa (mild, medium, hot--however hot you want your chili, I do mild)
4 to 8 oz pepper jack cheese, grated
48 oz jar Great Northern White Beans (whole thing, juice and all)
nacho chips and sour cream optional

cook chicken in a little oil. Add cumin and salsa, heat through. Add 1/3 the cheese, melt. Slowly addt he res of the cheese. Add the beans, heat through and serve. (Don't let the beans cook too long or they'll get mushy). Top with sour cream and eat with chips. YUM. Actually having that for dinner tomorrow!

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