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sorry I M so late BUT
Idiot Proof Chili

1 jar salsa as spicy as you want
Ground Beef
Chili Powder (to taste)
a Spice from Spice Hunter called "The Zip" (basically Tabasco without the salt or vinegar)
whatever beans you want to use (I use dried soaked over night and drained)

Mix the ground meat and salsa cold in a skillet, then turn on heat and brown (you get tiny granules of meat this way)
add chili powder now if you like a LOT
put this mixture over the beans in you cook pot/crockpot and cook for a while (longer in crockpot, not so long on stovetop)
When U R ready to finish your seasoning (about 30 min before eating) add chili powder to taste and Zip to taste

Serve with cheese and sour cream and all taco additions (lettus, olives, tomatos, Onions {maybe}, Avacado, whatever)

it really is idiot proof, I know a few who have tried it and NOT failed

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