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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
I would take the MD's advice and do some PT. Doesn't have to be long term, just a few visits to learn a some exercises you can do at home to keep your shoulder mobile and strong.
DO NOT give up knitting. Arthritis will actually get worse the less you use the joint and you don't want to end up with a frozen shoulder. My elderly neighbor finds that knitting and crocheting actually keeps the arthritis in her hands from bothering her.
Also talk to your MD about what meds you can take for pain control - not everyday, but for the bad days when it's really sore and you've got things to get done.
Thank you, this is what I was wondering. I am on meds everyday right now, I guess I am having a flare up. So much new information to learn.

LOL! Thanks for the ELDERLY neighbor part! I am giving you a hard time. My family thinks it is funny that I am almost in tears about this.
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