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Originally Posted by knitncook View Post
I've had arthritis since I as a teen. Mostly in my back and hips. I developed arthritis in my hands in college. I find that I have to knit in spurts and starts and I have to watch the position that my arms are in. I can't knit in bed, but can knit fine in a chair. I have to have several different projects going at the same time with different sized needles. Some people with arthritis in their hands complain that metal needles hurt their hands, but I haven't noticed a difference as they do tend to warm up after a short while using them. I find using my joints helps relieve tension, so I walk every day and have yet to quit any of my arts that involve use of my hands (I also paint and do calligraphy besides all my fiber projects.)

Maybe if you learn to knit with your feet it might help the hips too. I have it in my right hip and sitting for too long is a definite no-no.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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