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Yes Virginia, there REALLY is a Santa Claus. How do I know, you ask? Because Knitting help, has a penpal list and all I want for christmas is....................... a penpal. If I close my eyes and click the heels of my ruby red slippers, I won't be shot off to kansas but find a letter from someone from somewhere in my mailbox, lol
(and more power to you if your willing to put up with my off beat sense of humor)

So here goes the offical filling out of the form..

KH Name:Trace
Are you willing to send internationally?:I would love to be a jet setter, if only through my mail.
Your age range: (such as: 20's, 30's, 90's): 44, is that 45 I see on the horizon?????
Do you care what age range your pen pal is? Nope
Years knitting: 3
Gender: F
Do you care what gender your pen pal is? Nope, as long as they are living and breathing. Writing to the deceased is very hard to do.
Children?:an 11 yr old son
Pets?:a border collie, 2 austrailan cattle dogs and 5 ravenous cats
Allergy concerns: housework.. PLEASE don't send me yours, lol
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