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Originally Posted by Lisa R. View Post
My 10yod, who has been knitting for a bit over a year needs a book of patterns. I was going to get one for Christmas, but the general pattern books were very "adult" in that they were sweaters and such that don't interest her. The "kid" books I saw were mostly very beginner ("here's how to cast on" type stuff). Now I've spoken to her, and she really wants something to knit stuffed toys. She did a fairly successful version of this one (I'm pretty sure that's the pattern she used!)

So, I found this book which she said looks GREAT, but some of the reviews say not for beginners. I want something she will enjoy, not something that is a frustration to her.

Can you recommend or not recommend Knitted Toys? Are there any others you would recommend instead?
When I clicked on the book link, it also showed that people bought one called "Knit Toys:21 Easy to Knit Toys......" by Fiona McTague. I haven't used either book, but you might check this one out since it specifically says "easy to knit".
Good luck!!!!
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