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I'm in! I had similar's my yarny fitness plan.
I set goals each week. Right now they are 8 servings of water & 30 minutes of exercise each day.
I cannot go to my weekly knit meet until I've worked out and had a healthy meal (no eating at Starbucks).
I reward consistency with non food items. I put star stickers on my wall calendar for each goal I met ever day. Something splurgy and small like a manicure, hair cut, spa visit and all the girlie stuff I never do.
I reward pounds lost with knitty/spinny stuff.
So far I've lost 6 pounds and that was during the holidays!! What a miracle.
Healthy tip I have learned recently: Drink lots of water, even flavored water like Crystal light. Your body holds on to water if it does not get a steady supply because it is trained into thinking it will not get water soon. Once you retrain it, it will get rid of the excess water it has been storing. Also, lack of water slows your metabolism. Your liver doesn't function properly and stores fat instead of processing it. I have started drinking two servings of water first thing in the AM. Juices, colas, coffee, and such do not count as water. They contain ingredients which can aid in water retention. Plus they contain significant calories. Don't drink your calories.
I hope that helps someone.
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