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I'm excited to do this!! I need to lose at least 60, maybe 65 pounds. My DH has promised me $1000 for a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE once I lose the weight, *plus* he would quit using tobacco!!

WOW -what a great guy

I have been trying to lose this weight -albeit half-heartedly- for *years*. I was once VERY tiny (we're talking size one-i am really petite, not anorexic!! lol) and I am really sick of being so overweight. I really like the idea of going at it 10% at a time, that's a great idea! That seems much less scary-not to mention much more DO-able! than looking the whole dreadful amount at once!

I am really ready to get serious. I have been working out regularly for over 3 weeks now-4 x a wk. I'd like to up that to 6x a week, plus get my diet under control. I am doing a very simple (so that I can manage it! lol) diet called the No S diet (here's the website for it if anyone wants to look it up! ). I've been trying for almost a year but really haven't put in the effort from my heart. So needless to say I haven't gotten far.

Thanks so much for starting this thread! This is going to be much easier knowing we're in this together!
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