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I'm In!
Hi all :-) This challenge is coming at the perfect time for me. I have been working out with a partner 2X a week, and we recently joined WW where she is doing awesome, and I'm doing terrible In a nutshell: she stays committed to the eating plan, and I don't. I want to change that, and this challenge will help me (I'm a night time knibbler and need to become a night time knitter!!) My goal is to lose 50#, but my first goal is to reach my 10% weight loss goal of 20#. Our weigh in is on Sat, so I can easily report on Mondays.
My niece asked me to maker her a Slytherin Scarf from the Charmed Knits book, so that is the project I will stay committed to on a daily basis so that she can have it to wear while it is still cold! (It is knit in the round so that it will all be striped stockinette, so it is a lot of mindless knitting.)
DK - do you watch Gillian McKeith's show You Are What You Eat? I love that show and catch it on BBC America. I'd like to incorporate her holistic eating plan, and have 2 of her books. It is an ambitious diet to undertake, though.
Current projects:
"Pinup Queen" by Annie Modesitt from Stitch N Bitch
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