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Casting On
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continental novice needs help!

This is my first post to the forum! Thanks in advance for the supportive community.

I am a continental knitter. I've knit lots of ski hats, scarves, etc. with multiple yarn colors, shaping, etc. - but I've never followed a pattern!!!

Now I am trying to make a roll neck sweater for my 20 month old son. It is Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern 214. It starts near the neck knitting in the round. I casted on, and have knitted a couple of rounds per the instructions (with stitch markers and increases), but now I've come to something that stumps me. They want me to "cast onto the right tip of the needle 8 stitches and join the work into a a round".
1. How do I cast on when I already am knitting?
2. Since I knit continental I assume I need to cast on to the left, not right tip (once I figure out how to do it!).

I appreciate your help. I am so excited to keep going!

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